Project consulting


Project consulting

Watermark provides industry-leading Project consulting , inspection, project management, monitoring & evaluation,construction management, material traceability, regulatory assurance, and environmental expertise to our valued clients.
Our innovative staff understands that successful relationships with our clients depend on our ability to manage each project from the clients’ perspective and on consistently delivering beyond expectations. Your project is our priority.
Breakthrough performance requires a unique combination of innovative thinking and disciplined follow-through. Our Operations practice works together with senior executives to significantly help improve the performance of their businesses.

Services under Project Consulting

Drawing on state-of-the-art research, monitoring and evaluation methods from a range of technical expertise, Watermark ensures its clients are effective and on the leading edge of policy change and program impact. We help answer questions like–

  • What are the most promising approaches to address current policy challenges?
  • Do those approaches actually help? Are they cost-effective?
  • Given that a program can work, is it being implemented well? What’s its impact? Will it work in another context?

Successful monitoring & evaluation serves to enhance transparency and accountability, increasing investor and donor confidence. Watermark can help to identify effective evaluation criteria and develop measurement metrics, presenting policy makers with the targeted information needed to affect cost-saving measures, improved delivery of services, and improved management performance. Watermark also conducts training on monitoring and evaluation practices and tools.

Research is an important activity that is undertaken by many organizations for baseline; exploration of new opportunities; new product development; new market exploration; impact determination and analysis; cause-effect determination and analysis; increase in knowledge etc.

At Watermark, we undertake research on behalf of our clients in accordance with their specific terms of reference. Our research department is experienced in complex and standard research techniques. Some of the techniques that we employ include:

  • Formulating research project definitions;
  • designing methodology;
  • research tools;
  • data gathering;
  • data analysis;
  • reporting;
  • conclusions and recommendations and results presentation.